What bed should I buy for guests?

Ask yourself, how often do I have guests come to stay? Is it a case of putting a spare bed in a room and visitors will come or do you haul out the air mattress and pass out from pumping the thing up when the relatives show up at Christmas?

A 2016 Houzz poll found that actually most of us only use a spare bed for guests one or two nights a year. So, that mattress isn’t going to get as much use as you think. With that in mind – here are some ideas to give your guests a comfortable night in their home away from home (but not too comfortable in case we need them to leave!).

Cheap Beds

Cheap, affordable or budget. This covers a myriad of potential solutions for guests – some aren’t comfortable. I don’t know about you, but I have never slept on an air mattress and hoped to return to the same rubbery plastic-smelling goodness on my next visit. The pros are that it doesn’t have to fill your spare room 24/7 but the cons are you are sentencing your guests to a night of terrible sleep and if there’s more than one – well you may never see your friends or family again. A sofa bed is in the similar vein – a couch for the spare room for most of the year – a bed for guests if they show. The drawbacks are…comfort – especially for two people. There’s always that uncomfortable metal rod poking you in the back or the sound of the wire frame creaking as you toss and turn trying to figure out how should you sleep on it. No, give me a mattress any day for a sleepover. Since statistically you aren’t going to have that many people sleeping on your spare bed, and if you have the room – why not try a great queen mattress. SleepMaker’s Lifestyle Home is an affordable mattress with the best-in-class support system in Duracoil. This way, your guests get the beauty of a mattress with full-width springs &  comfort layers that use Dunlop Foams but it’s a bed that won’t break the bank.

Trundler Beds

These are a great option for guests who just show up. A SleepMaker trundler gives you the beauty of king single bed by day, then convert it to add another single mattress or pop it up to a comfy guest bed for a couple. It’s a good sleep solution for kids when they’re at your place for a sleepover and cost effective as the bed can serve many purposes.

Crash Pads

Speaking of kids, if you have a few of them showing up to stay then you are going to need somewhere for them to sleep. The easiest and cheapest way is to buy crash pads, simple foam mattresses that can handily be packed back into storage until the next sleepover or camping trip. While they’re not intended to be used over multiple nights, the kiddlywinks won’t mind a night on these single mattresses.

Room with a View

So you might want to actually create a bespoke room with a nice guest bed and a place for your visitors to call home for a few nights – so you can push the boat out and buy them a little piece of luxury. Plus, this might also be a place you come to when your significant other is snoring so a comfortable bed is in your best interests here. SleepMaker Prestige gives you the beauty of pockets springs for the best support, natural fibres in the mattress and the option of different comfort layers like FusionGel or latex. The common feel, and one that might work for you and your guests, is to go down the line and choose a medium comfort level. Check out our blog on choosing the right size to suit your available space but if space is an issue go with a queen size mattress.