How to choose the right bed

So how do you go about looking for a new bed? What’s the best way to buy beds in New Zealand? There are a few things to consider however, we recommend you try Bed Match – our online tool that will ask you a few key questions around how you should sleep and then give you some sleep systems & beds to suit your individual needs.


The most common bed size in New Zealand is a queen mattress. A lot of people, even when sharing with their significant other, decide to sleep on a queen bed and never size up. However, if you have the room in your bedroom and your budget allows – give yourself more room! Trust us, you won’t regret it. Check out our SleepMaker queen bed dimensions and all mattress sizes to see if you can upsize. Are you looking for a child’s bed? It is a common question our SleepMaker team gets: What bed should I choose for my child? If they are just moving out of a cot into their first big boys or girls bed, then most parents tend to start them off into a single bed. But we’d recommend you scale up to a king single mattress, long single or even a double mattress. Why? Well they grow pretty fast and you might find you’re going through this whole process again for them in the not too distant future – before the end of the mattress’ life. So to get 8-10 years out of your bed – getting them to the teenage years – look at something bigger.


What does a bed feel? Like testing a car – we recommend you go in-store and lie down to find out what feel is right for you. When we talk about a bed feel – we’re actually talking about the comfort layers on the top of the mattress that could be foam or sustainable latex. Once again, like bed size, Kiwis generally go middle of the road and the most popular feel is a medium feel.

In a nutshell – a firm feel has used less foam or a different density of foam to give the mattress a firmer feel. A medium feel adds to that a bit more so it’s not quite as firm – the foam may be different or there may be more of it and then you work into the plush and super plush feels. If you really like to sink into a mattress with plenty of foam comfort – then the last two feels might be more your cup of tea. If you are sharing your bed then it’s important that you and your partner come to some common ground on the bed feel. That might explain why medium is so popular – compromise!


Next step in the bed buying process is where you will ultimately hit that wall of technology, innovation or mattress jargon that might leave you a little confused. But it’s actually pretty simple. We’ve made an easy to understand list of SleepMaker technology which explains different springs, foams and sleep systems inside your mattress. Different spring systems provide you with a different level of back support. Foams not only gives you comfort but some of them, like Graphene & FusionGel, are able to better wick away moisture and heat to help regulate the temperature in your bed. All of our foams are treated with Ultra-Fresh, an antimicrobial process that means the mattress will be cleaner, fresher and help stop dust mites or bacteria.


Whether you’re looking for a cheap mattress or a plush, everything-that-money-can-buy bed, there will be a SleepMaker to suit. The one thing to remember is that when you buy SleepMaker, it’s made locally and for peace of mind, your bed comes with a warranty. If you take care of your bed, using mattress protectors & rotating it regularly in the first few months of its life, then you should get 8-10 years of fantastic sleep. The price you pay, spaced out over that time period might equate to a $1 a day. Good sleep can never be underestimated, so it’s investing in your health & well being.