SleepMaker and Beautyrest

America's Leading Premium Mattress Brand.

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At Beautyrest We Dream Big So You Can Too

We are very proud at SleepMaker to bring Beautyrest, America’s leading premium mattress brand, to New Zealand. If you are looking for great sleep and the best quality take a look at our Beautyrest range.

How’d you sleep? That’s the question that’s been driving us for decades. Better sleep is why we invented the first Pocketed Coil® spring back in 1925 and why we continue to pave the way with new mattress technologies today. It’s all about turning our vision into quality products that help you Get Your Beautyrest®.  
You don’t get to be one of the oldest mattress companies without also being one of the most innovative. For well over a century, we’ve been leading the industry with groundbreaking mattress technologies that, frankly, make other mattress companies look like they’re sleeping on the job.

Pioneering Tomorrow’s Sleep Technologies

Ever wonder who invented the king mattress? Yeah, we did that. Queen mattress, too. And the electric blanket. And the first no-flip mattress. Look, we’re not bragging, but innovation is part of our DNA - and has been since day one back in 1870. That’s because we think outside the mattress, so to speak. For us, it’s all about the science of better sleep - and that’s what leads to the latest mattress innovations. (And, we might add, these innovations set the industry standard as other mattress companies scramble to keep up.) 

Put Those Worries To Rest

Beautyrest® mattresses help people sleep better all over the world. So if quality is something you typically toss and turn over, you’ll sleep like a baby on a Beautyrest mattress. We proudly stand behind our products - so you can sleep soundly on them. We’ve seen the century turn over twice. Our beds were aboard the Titanic. We introduced Beautyrest to the world back when flappers and speakeasies made headlines. So yeah, we’ve seen some things. But tomorrow is always a new day - and, when you sleep on a Beautyrest mattress, it’s usually an awesome day.

If These Mattresses Could Talk 

They’d probably start with a few spellbinding stories about their voyages aboard luxury cruise ships back in the early 1900s—including a one-way trip on the Titanic. (It’s true. Some of our mattresses are at the bottom of the ocean.) Or maybe they’d tell us how they blushed a little whenever Eleanor Roosevelt sang their praises on the radio. Pick any point on a timeline of the past 140 years, and you’re likely to find an interesting piece of Beautyrest history. That’s how it goes when you’re one of the oldest mattress companies in the world.

But hey, just because we’ve been around for more than a century doesn’t mean we’re stuck in the past. Please. We’re Beautyrest. Mattress pioneers. Trailblazers of comfort and support. Inventors, creators and visionaries. We’ve never stopped innovating ways to help you sleep better, and we never will. Do we have any regrets after all these years? Hmm. Only that the princess from The Princess and the Pea didn’t have the opportunity to experience a Beautyrest mattress (we’re not quite that old). Because she would have slept like a log.

Beautyrest is made in New Zealand under license by The New Zealand Comfort Group who have been making beds since 1935.